Avcı: “It is not healthy that we have to rotate a lot”

24.10.2019 - 13:29

”We’re going to play our third game in the Europa League. These injuries are not good for us. It is not healthy that we have to rotate a lot. We’ve been suffering from these unfortunate events since the beginning of the season but we’re in no position to make excuses, we are Beşiktaş. Braga have been playing in Europe for more than ten years, and they have the culture. We’ve face them a lot in the past, they are a talented and organised bunch. In the aspect of all these things, we need to do our best to get the win and gain momentum. We’ll field the best possible eleven we can make under these circumstances and win.”

”We are trying to lower the chance of injuries”

”We are analysing the data we have on the injuries. We check everything from the players’ pulses to their rest duration durimg breaks in training. These injuries can be caused from a lot stuff: collision, the pitch, training mistakes… For instance, we can say that Burak (Yılmaz)’s injury is due to collision. The awkward thing here is that the injuries came one after the other. It is extremely unlucky that Dorukhan got injured in the way he did, maybe we can name the pitch as the “perpetrator”. We have been investing in technology that will help us with data analysing. At this level, you have to get help from the scientific developments.”

”Ljajic will get better”

The expectations for players like Ljajic will always be high. Ljajic is also aware of this and he’s not satisfied with his performance either. But when you look at his national team performance, you can see that he contributed with two assists; performing real good. Ljajic will be back, he will get better. Quality players won’t be inconsistent.”

”We have to respect Necip Uysal”

“He is an academy product. He has been playing at different positions since he started playing, and he does his best. Last year he only missed one of the 280 training sessions. We have to respect him. Roco was impressive pre-season but his injury problems have made me have second thoughts. Erdoğan also works hard, he can play in the future.”

Source: besiktastalk.com


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