Pinto: “Beşiktaş are a wonderful team”

24.10.2019 - 14:08

Portuguese manager Ricardo Pinto has made some remarks in the press conference ahead of the Europa League fixture Beşiktas v Braga.

Stating that Beşiktaş are going through a tough process, Pinto added: “Europa League has a difficult atmosphere. We play every game with the aim to get three points and that’s what we will do tomorrow. Beşiktaş will feel the pressure, considering how they have performed lately. They currently have zero points in the group and they will play a challenging derby in the weekend. We can use this to our advantage.”

Speaking about the injures Beşiktaş are suffering from, Pinto said: “Burak Yılmaz won’t be able to play as far as I know but Beşiktaş still has a great bunch of players. We have injured players as well. Beşiktaş are a wonderful team with many talented players. They have a lot of players that can change the outcome of the game.”

Pinto also commented on Beşiktaş fans, stating that he’s quite familiar with them: “We’ve got some good results before coming here, yes, but in Turkey it may get complicated. The fans in Turkey are extremely passionate and it’s no easy task to play in such an atmosphere. But this may also motivate my players. I believe it’s always better than playing in front of empty stands.”



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